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What is kerbside delivery?

Kerbside delivery means your pallet will be delivered to a suitable kerbside location close to your property.

This method is typically used for residential pallet delivery, which are also known as B2C deliveries.

For health and safety reasons, our delivery drivers are only allowed to leave your goods at the kerbside.

Drivers are unable to deliver to your front door, inside your property or to your front or back garden.

The palletised goods that our network transports can weigh up to 1,000kg, which makes kerbside delivery the safest option for our customers and our drivers.

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Pallet delivery to a residential address: what you need to know

Kerbside delivery is the standard delivery option for large, heavy or bulky items that are being delivered to a residential address.

Upon arrival at the location, the driver will identify a suitable access point as close to the delivery address as possible.

The driver will use a pump truck to transfer your palletised goods from the vehicle to the kerbside.

Please be aware that they will not remove the goods from the pallet or move it onto your property.

Safety is paramount to Pallet-Track and our members, so our kerbside pallet delivery methods adhere to industry recommendations.

In fact, our drivers must complete and submit a health and safety assessment on the location prior to the kerbside delivery being made.

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How to prepare for a kerbside pallet delivery

Kerbside pallet delivery can only be made to ground level locations where there is a solid flat surface.

Pallet delivery cannot be made on an inclined or uneven surface.

To prepare for a kerbside pallet delivery, it is beneficial to share with us any additional details that may make the location difficult for drivers to navigate.

For example, if the delivery address is located on a narrow road, our team can send a smaller, more suitable vehicle for the delivery. We will also need to be aware of any pedestrian-only zones that may restrict access for our drivers.

If you require additional assistance with your residential pallet delivery, contact our customer service team to discuss your options. Please be aware that additional charges may apply.

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