A forklift truck driver moves pallets in the Wolverhampton hub

Night Compliance Officer

We are looking for a Night Compliance Officer to join our night operation team. This role will involve talking to colleagues and visiting drivers and feeding back to members to ensure health and safety compliance in our paced central hub.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:
• Ensure safe movement of visiting drivers, hub employees and vehicles on-site at all times. Ensuring safe systems of work are adhered to, and all visiting drivers are wearing appropriate PPE

• Ensure that all visiting drivers adhere to the site rules• Record compliance audits (including photographing relevant issues) each shift. This can involve in and outbound freight presentation, load security, PPE compliance, and vehicle speed. This list is not exhaustive

• Report any severe contraventions of Health & Safety to management immediately

• Ensure any loads that are identified as unsecured (inbound or outbound) are reported to the HGV driver, recorded via the audit process, and communicated to members

• Communicate relevant issues via the 2-way radio as and when they occur

• Ensure inbound and outbound load compliance in conjunction with RHA and APN guidelines

• Complete weekly freight presentation audits, identifying inadequate packaging, poor labels and unsafe loads. Provide feedback to members accordingly

Experience in a customer-facing role is beneficial.

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