TW Road Haulage Ltd

TW Road Haulage Ltd expands further into Essex postcodes

Essex-based TW Road Haulage Ltd has realised its expansion ambition by doubling in size and delivery reach, as well as increasing its workforce, less than two years after it joined the award-winning Pallet-Track network.

The Basildon-based company, which started life as a commercial vehicle repair business 18 years ago and moved into logistics in 2008, initially employed five full-time staff to service the nine RM postcodes, including Romford, Tilbury and Hornchurch, in 2018.

But never resting on its laurels, the business has now secured all of Pallet-Track’s SS postcodes in Essex, where the business in located, which has boosted its pallet volumes from 100 to 350 a day.

It has also increased its workforce, with five new starters and seven new additions to the fleet, most of which boast the latest environmentally-friendly Euro6 engines.

Growth and new postcodes

“This has been a really busy time for us as the business has expanded,” said founder and managing director, Terry Watts.

“After some very long days, we have now bedded in the additional business and we are in a position to work smarter and more efficiently across the two postcodes.

“We joined Pallet-Track in order to grow and we have certainly achieved that, as well as being able to offer a seamless service in this enlarged area.”

Nigel Parkes, founder and managing director of Pallet-Track, said: “When we are looking for new members, we are always impressed with those entrepreneurial businesses that are innovative and   proactive in their desire to expand. We were confident that we had identified that ethos in TW Road Haulage.

“Watching its progress over the last two years, we were in little doubt that it had the right mindset and approach to be able to take on the additional Essex postcodes and the business has delivered on that promise.”