Triple-Whammy Of Success For Massey Wilcox

The owner of one of the UK’s longest-established freight companies has enjoyed a triple-whammy of success since joining the Pallet-Track network earlier this year.

First established in 1954, Bath-based Massey-Wilcox joined Pallet-Track in April, a move that resulted in the business retaining key clients, reducing the operating costs by 20 per cent and adding more than £300,000 worth of new business to its customer portfolio.

Now, the fleet of more than 60 vehicles has enjoyed a face lift with new branded Pallet-Track trailer curtain sides as the 61-year-old company moves into its next phase.

A member of rival distributor Pall-Ex for the past 17 years, Massey Wilcox is already playing a significant role in Pallet-Track’s 80-strong member network, covering Bath, Dorchester and the surrounding areas.

Robert Wilcox, managing director at Massey Wilcox, said: “The most important thing to us was the reduction in operating costs, the improved quality of service and the member shareholder status. We have cut the operating costs and secured more than £300,000 worth of business, with more on the way.”

“These are real results in an industry driven by volumes. In my mind, turnover is vanity while profit is sanity – it is the only indicator of a company’s performance.”

His views mirror those of Pallet-Track founder and managing director Nigel Parkes who said in a recent interview: “As an industry we should all turn down the talk of volumes and focus upon the margins in order to drive value through the supply chain. We can do this by simply filtering our customers to sort the profitable from the non-profitable, and walking away from tenders that do not deliver a big enough return to warrant the investment in people, technology and trucks to deliver it.  But the most important thing is that we filter as an industry, rather than one or two businesses putting their rates up. This is not only for the long-term benefits of that industry, but for its very survival.”