Pallet-Track truck in front of the Hub in Wolverhampton

Multi-million pound tech investment puts Pallet-Track on road to growth

Pallet-Track is making a multi-million-pound investment in technology to drive growth for our network and shareholder members.

We will launch a series of major updates to our IT systems and tracking technology throughout 2024.

The investment will secure Pallet-Track’s position at the top of the market by increasing efficiency and future-proofing our growing pallet network.

Pallet-Track’s technology overhaul will roll out during its 20th anniversary and coincides with the recent recruitment of several new shareholder members.

Pallet tracking technology

Thomas Olsson, Chief Technical Officer at Pallet-Track, said: “Providing the best possible customer experience is our number one priority and we are developing technological solutions that will enable us to continue to deliver that.

“Our shareholder members need new ways to improve the efficiency of their operations and we will help them to achieve this with full, real-time visibility on the location of vehicles and goods throughout the distribution process.

“This central visibility will also enable us to be more efficient at the Pallet-Track hubs, improve the management of vehicles through our hubs and have full awareness of potential delays.

“The new technology has undergone a rigorous testing process with our shareholder members to ensure it fully meets the needs of our network, which includes more than 90 independent hauliers.”

Sector disrupters

Stuart Godman, CEO at Pallet-Track, said: “This is our biggest ever investment in technology and will mark Pallet-Track’s arrival as the sector disrupters.

“As the youngest pallet network, we are the most agile, enabling us to provide the best solution on the market, while being fully transparent and giving our fantastic network greater visibility and control.”

Pallet-Track launched in 2004 with 46 shareholder members and handled 852 pallets during our first night of operation; we now move four million pallets per year.