Mobile People.Powered.Logistics Achieves Carbon Neutral Accreditation

Mobile People.Powered.Logistics achieves carbon neutral accreditation

Mobile People.Powered.Logistics, a shareholder member of our pallet network, proudly announces its achievement of being accredited as Carbon Neutral for the second consecutive year.

This recognition, certified by Carbon Neutral Britain in accordance with the UN’s internationally recognised ISO 14064 calculation, highlights the company’s steadfast commitment to sustainability and proactive measures in reducing carbon emissions throughout its operations.

Carbon reduction

Through the collective endeavour and dedication of the entire team, Mobile People.Powered.Logistics has successfully lowered its carbon emissions output by an impressive 1.8% over the past year.

This significant reduction not only showcases the company’s capability to innovate and lead by example but also mirrors its holistic adoption of a philosophy centred around environmental consciousness and proactive action.

“Our journey towards sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint is a testament to the power of collective action and the shared values of our team,” said Matthew Marriott, Managing director of Mobile People.Powered.Logistics.

“Achieving Carbon Neutral accreditation for the second year running, especially under the rigorous standards set by Carbon Neutral Britain and aligned with the UN’s ISO 14064, is not just an accolade for our business; it’s a beacon of what’s possible when an entire organisation aligns towards a common goal of environmental stewardship.”

A culture of sustainability

The pathway to this achievement involved a series of strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing operational efficiencies, investing in new green technologies, new forklift trucks and fostering a culture of sustainability within the organisation.

From optimising route planning to reduce fuel consumption to investing in energy-efficient infrastructure and promoting awareness about environmental impact among employees and stakeholders, Mobile People.Powered.Logistics has taken a comprehensive approach to its sustainability agenda.

A collaborative approach to carbon reduction

In addition to internal efforts, Mobile People.Powered.Logistics has actively engaged with its partners and clients to promote sustainable practices within the wider logistics and transportation industry.

This collaborative approach not only amplifies the impact of the company’s initiatives but also encourages a sector-wide shift towards more environmentally-friendly operations.

As Mobile People.Powered.Logistics looks to the future, it remains committed to building on its achievements and continuing to set new benchmarks for sustainability in the logistics sector.

The company’s vision is to not only minimise its environmental impact but also inspire and enable others to embark on their own sustainability journeys.

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