Truck with dual-branded Pallet-Track and NTEX livery

Dual livery rollout celebrates 20-year partnership

Pallet-Track is marking 20 years in business by investing over £100,000 in dual liveries for network Shareholder Members. 

As a pallet network, we’ve already helped to put 14 trailers on the road, with many more to come, in the new dual-branded livery, underlining our ongoing commitment to our members. 

The objective of the design was to bring the Pallet-Track and member brands together in a consistent and uniform way, while raising the profile of our network and Shareholder Members. 

The rollout began earlier this year when the design was revealed at Windsor’s De Vere, Beaumont Estate at our 20th Anniversary Gala. 

New look livery

Stuart Godman, CEO at Pallet-Track, said: “Trailers are fantastic tool in highlighting our positive image and this investment plan underscores Pallet-Track as one of the strongest and most stable pallet networks in the UK.   

“Having our dual branding at the same weighting demonstrates the mutual respect shared between our business and our Shareholder Members and underlines our passion to grow and succeed together. 

“Many might think it was a brave choice to leave part of the livery white, but we felt it was necessary to ensure that every brand in our network shines on its own and we feel it underlines our position as the UK’s best, and most supportive, pallet network.” 

Truck with Pallet-Track and Mars Jones dual-branded livery

Celebrating partnerships

Steve Truman, operations manager at NTEX, said: “Business is built on partnerships and relationships, so we did not hesitate when Pallet-Track first discussed this option, so much so that we agreed on the same day.  

Rosemary McCann, director of McCann Transport Services, added: “We were delighted to have the opportunity to be involved with the new livery rollout right from the offset. 

“The new livery looks fantastic and greatly complements our own truck livery, the combination creates a striking presence.” 

Chris Flynn, managing director of Mars Jones Limited, which joined the network in 2023 said: “Pallet-Track shares our ethos and standards, so dual branding was a given.” 

Stuart added: “I am overwhelmed by the interest from all Shareholder Members, and I am incredibly proud to lead this business and to introduce new ways to celebrate our partnerships in 2024 and beyond.” 

Pallet-Track launched in 2004 with 46 members and handled 852 pallets during our first night of operation. Our network now includes more than 90 members, who collectively move four million pallets per year.