Cultivating confidence: Alan Firmin Ltd harvests great results since joining Pallet-Track

A long-established transport business which began life as a working farm in the ‘Garden of England’ more than 80 years ago is ploughing a rich seam of customer confidence, just eighteen months after joining the Pallet-Track network.

Alan Firmin Ltd, now one of Kent and the south-east’s most respected haulage companies, has reported significant improvements in service levels and communication since it joined the network in December 2017.

“I can happily show my customers the network offering because I have total confidence in it, not something I could ever say about our previous arrangement,” said Ben Young, Head of Customer Experience at Firmins.

“Previously, I would not have even put big volumes through the network. Instead, I would have tried to absorb the work through our general fleet. Now I have confidence in the integrity of the service we can offer with Pallet-Track and this has helped grow the business. We are absolutely flat out most of the time and this is largely due to having that strong support from the centre.

“It is now a lot easier to press ahead with sales development – because it is easier to sell the service,” he added.

“Detailed scanning allows Firmins to monitor deliveries more closely and receive accurate POD’s more quickly.  Tracking the progress of freight throughout its journey is also easier and clients value being able to upload their own delivery notes”, he added.

Firmins’ move to manage the Kent and South East follows a year of Pallet-Track re-energising and successfully managing the Kent postcode itself, as part of a temporary measure while it sought a new strategic partner with strong local connections.

Alan Firmin Ltd has strong environmental credentials – from the farm to the fleet – and also boasts its own recruitment agency in an attempt to plug the chronic driver shortage impacting the industry.

Director Paul Denyer added: “Pallet-Track’s ethos and values align very closely with our own.  Service levels and communication across the network are second to none, enabling us to meet the needs of our customers every day and deliver the high standards of service that we set ourselves.”