Believe to Achieve

Pallet-Track chooses Believe to Achieve as 2022 charity of the year

We’ve looked close to home for our dedicated fundraising cause for 2022 and will support the inspiring work of children’s charity Believe to Achieve.

Our 150-strong team voted to dedicate all fundraising activities this year to the charity, which is located just two miles from our main hub in Millfields Road.

Believe to Achieve was founded in 2001 in Wolverhampton by George Medal holder, Lisa Potts, to support vulnerable children and their families.

Since then, it has supported thousands of families through challenging circumstances, from young children with mental health issues to those involved with gang culture.

With referrals from schools, healthcare and social workers, the charity’s 50-plus counsellors use different forms of therapy to support children aged five to 15 with early intervention. Activities include art, sport, dance and family therapy, all of which help young people express their emotions.

We raised nearly £23,000 for our dedicated charity St Basils in 2021 and we’re aiming to match this for Believe to Achieve this year.

Much-needed support

Nick Pratt, project manager at Believe to Achieve said: “We were delighted to hear that Pallet-Track had chosen us for its dedicated charity and the money will make a huge difference. It will enable us to fund counsellors and continue to offer the help these children so desperately need.

“Since the pandemic, we have seen an increase in aggressive behaviour from children, a repercussion of lockdown which we know is just the tip of the iceberg. We are expecting to see more behavioural and mental health issues surface over the next few years, as key development milestones were missed and children spent long periods of time in broken homes and going online to dangerous sites.

“In the past, we would usually be working with young people with lower-level mental health issues, but we are now seeing a huge increase in children with more serious mental health issues being referred to us. We understand that having the right people in place to help these young people is paramount – and this needs funding.

“Any money we receive to help us tackle this national issue is gratefully received and will make the world of difference to these vulnerable children.”

Dedicated to fundraising

Caroline Green, chief executive of Pallet-Track, said: “We were all so moved by the incredible work Believe to Achieve does to help children face issues relating to mental health and gang culture. Voting them as our chosen charity was an easy choice for the team.

“I am incredibly proud that as a business, all our employees always get fully involved in fundraising activities. Whatever is thrown their way, whether it be sleeping rough in winter or cycling hundreds of miles, they are always ready to jump in with both feet.

“With the amazing work Believe to Achieve does every day, I have no doubt our team will be just as dedicated to raising money for their vital service.”

More information about Believe to Achieve is available on its website.