Aid to Ukraine

Sussex haulier continues mercy mission for refugees with aid drops in Ukraine

A Sussex haulier has continued his mercy mission to support people in need from Ukraine after embarking on two more trips to deliver vital aid.

Richard Topping, from E&R Freight in Crawley, delivered much-needed supplies to an area south of Lviv, before returning to the Moldovan/Romanian border with aid for deaf Ukrainian refugees.

It is the third time this year Richard has taken to the road in support of Ukraine, after he previously delivered more than 100 pallets of aid on behalf of all UK pallet networks and the Association of Pallet Networks (APN).

The aid dropped near Lviv was distributed by a local church, while the second trip was in support of the ANSR Filiala Botoșani charity.

The charity supports deaf, blind and mute refugees from Ukraine and helps them find work.

Vital aid delivered

Richard said: “The last load of aid we took to the Moldovan/Romanian border will support a charity which deals with refugees who are deaf and, in some cases, are blind or can’t speak. It is the only charity doing this in the area.

“The charity is in the process of finding them jobs, while they have all been sent for medical attention and any issues sorted. The APN and everyone making donations have done a good job and everyone we saw was very grateful.”

Richard, the founder and managing director of E&R, is no stranger to mercy missions, having taken supplies to war-torn Kosovo during the third Balkan war in 2001.

Caroline Green, chief executive of Pallet-Track, said: “The selfless actions of Richard and the E&R Freight team are a shining example to us all. They represent the very best of our industry, which is uniquely-placed to give practical support in and around Ukraine at the point of need.”